Aqua hiking

This must be the coolest way to discover the Verdon Gorges: carried along by the current, walking and wading, water jumps.
All the ingredients for a Verdon adventure, which you can enjoy as a family.
A great fun family activity.

  • Le Couloir Samsom

    Situation: Le Couloir Samsom

    Duration: Environ 2 h

    Length of approach walk: 5 min

    Length of return walk: 20 min

    Number of participants: 8 persons per monitor

    What better way to discover the amazing scenery of the Verdon Gorges than this original and aquatic descent which combines, walking, water jumps and floating?

    Over a few hours, you’ll be able to take it easy, floating along on your back whilst admiring the impressive cliffs, which are roughly 300 metres high. You’re sure to see climbers and vultures. You’ll be able to jump into emerald-green water pools. At the end of the activity, you can dive through two tunnels carved out of the cliff at the end of the famous Martel path.

    Price: 45€


Very athletic

To envisage:

  • Swim suit
  • Sport shoes (closed)
  • Light meal (cereal bar)


  • To know to swim
  • To envisage 1,5 liter of water per person.


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  • rando aqua gorges du verdon

    passage étroit en rando aqua dans le verdon

  • rando aqua gorges du verdon

    rando aqua verdon

  • descente en randonnée aquatique

    rando aqua gorges du verdon

  • rando aqua gorges du verdon

    rando aqua verdon